Presenting a series of  project galleries based on a developing style of urban, street and architecture photography.

The intention is to alter the sense of scale that is presented in the images – leaving the viewer to imagine what is beyond the frame (for example what the heights of the buildings are or what is beyond the edges of an image or  around a street corner) or what is in the out-of-focus backdrops. Where buildings in the background are rendered out of focus and in black and white it can often create ambiguity as to whether they are modern or classic buildings. A mid-rise building can give the impression of being a skyscraper.

The projects are done primarily in black and white so as not to distract form the forms and shapes of the scenes and the shadow contrasts in the images but occasionally colour is retained where this enhances the composition.

The harsh mid day light, the bane of many photographers, is used to advantage in many of the compositions – to create stark contrasts and dark areas – again leaving aspects of the image to the viewer’s own impression. The idea is to find ways to work with these lighting conditions rather than avoid them while also being able to shoot in areas that, for personal safety reasons, might be best avoided late in the evenings. While the bright light on sunny days tends to wash out colours it can create interesting contrasts, strong shadows and shapes that work very well in monochrome.

This blog has been created as a showcase blog separate from the original Dunmaglas Photography blog which focused mainly on presenting new images of all working styles and updates to products and services. This blog is for an ongoing series of projects depicting the urban environment in this style and developing this style is now the primary focus of my work. In due course I intend to develop a considerable archive of image collections in line with this theme covering Glasgow and areas of London.


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